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      2018 Mexico's Precident Election Stadium Crowd Control Solution
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      2018 Mexico's Precident Election Stadium Crowd Control Solution

      2018/10/25 14:40:25

      Project Summery: 2018?Mexico's Precident election stadium Crowd Control

      Location: Moxie

      Time:June?20-July 3 2018

      Products For Project: Portable Crowd Control Barrier

      Function: Crowd control?for the electorate

      Summery:The Mexican presidential race has come to the end, with the final victory won by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, once described as Mexico's most dangerous man. Congratuations!

      We are standy behind the election that Why do we pay so much attention , Our Crowd Control Barriers are Assume responsibility for the safety of the electorate.

      In order to realize the world know what I do, we ?are continue to upgrade and innovate technology, Bring in advanced automatic CNC cutting equipment, and develop new products ?every year.

      Conduct product testing in strict accordance with international ISO90001?quality system standards, introduce ERP customer management and supplier?manage?system, improve customer service efficiency, and ensure quality and stability of suppliers.

      Our?crowd barrier??products are independently developed and patented, and have been successfully exported to Europe, North America, southeast Asia, Africa and other global markets, and our products have been through market practice of many projects (concerts, security summit, danger isolation , etc.), Our Products Quality be regards by who used Mojo Barriers in Eropue.

      Aluminum stage barrier

      Crowd Control Barrier Systerm Advantage:

      1.?Light weight, about 34kg one section

      2.?Slot pin, easily connection

      3.?Inter lock and bolt connector, strong load capacity and suitable for uneven ground

      4.?Fold flat and can be stacked in trolley for easy transportation and storage

      5.?Trolley can be stacked to be 2 layer with wheels, save time, save labor cost

      6.?High load about 10528N/m 1

      7.?TUV & CE certificate quality control

      8.?Mill finish, powder coating black, other color is available


      Welcome to consult for more product details.

      Shinestage are specialist manufacturer with Truss, Stage, and Event Safety Products- Crowd Barrier,And Accessories since 2009,Custom Production Services, Proffesional Free Designing, Prompt Response,Quality Ensurance,Trad Assurance $350000.Payment methods are diverse and secure.Punctual Delivery And All heart After Services.
      SHINESTAGE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD? ?Email:marketing1@shinestage.com; sales10@shinestage.com;Telphone:86+020+34882437

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