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      Those Incredible Stage Designs by Incredible Chinese People
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      Those Incredible Stage Designs by Incredible Chinese People

      2018/10/19 17:25:00

      The backbone of any overwhelming show is Choreographer. World-wide admirations and compliments are gained by those professions from western countries. In fact, the Chinese stagecraft is more than stunning. Now, i am gonna bring you closer to the world of the beauty of stagecraft that deserves our whoops and cheers.

      Since the sound of dreams was broadcast, the stage lighting design has been well received, and the people who eat the gourd have said they want to call the lighting choreographer. So, how about a live dance? Let's see.

      LED spherical screen take you to "the voice of dreams"

      Very cool, the voice of the "dream" is not only a music feast, but also a visual enjoyment, the stage into the energy star, a new design of the door of the music, the sound of ladder, these elements make the stage more luxuriant, thus created a splendid dream stage.

      On the "voice of dreams" stage, all the players set foot on the door of music, step on the same mechanical arm controlled voice ladder, and then enter the center stage of the stage to perform. In order to guarantee the unity of the style, the designer combined with site condition, after many field exploration and stage design personnel communication repeatedly, eventually with 6 m diameter specification for P6 LED side panel, the average hemisphere LED screen is divided into six disc, cooperate with the independent control of mechanical arm. When the music sounded, appearance, the door to music slowly open from bottom to top, as if a slowly opened his eyes, players opening the door to music began acting, and realize their music dream.

      At the same time, the image of the performers will be cast on the LED screen to bring spectators closer to the show by singing with the players, also presenting the video content and player singing songs bring out the best in each other, and be in harmony of the whole stage, plus for the players performing graces, let the audience not only hear the voice of the "dream", see the appearance of the dream.

      Light scene segment with "red" theme.

      Lighting scene

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